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The Teacher Center is located in the Bath VEW School, Room 83.
(Enter through the BACK DOOR from the back
parking lot,
turn left through the Family Resource Center, we're in the next room.)

HOURS:  Monday: 11:30-4:30
Tuesday: 8:00-4:30
Wednesday and Thursday: Noon – 5 PM

Closed on Fridays


216 Maple Heights
Vernon E. Wightman School

Bath, New York 14810
Fax: (607) 776-4124

Telephone: 607-776-3301 Ext.5600 or 607-622-1113

Director:  Jenny Dean
Assistant: Nedra McElroy

Policy Board Chairperson:  TBA
Program Co-ordinator:  Jane Rohrbach

The Southern Tier School/Community Network (formerly the Southern Tier Teachers' Center) was formed in 1986 through a grant from the New York State Legislature. The mission of the Southern Tier School/Community Network is to involve area teachers, support staff, parents, and community members in educational development programs supporting the New York State Learning Standards.  These programs evolve from the needs of the school districts in our service area, and focus on quality professional development for educators across our consortium. We also offer an ongoing Professional Ventures Program, providing funds for classroom projects, and conference registration.

Our Program Offerings

The STSCN is located in a classroom which has been made available by the Bath Central School District  at the Vernon E. Wightman Primary School. This location provides a place where teachers can use equipment to laminate classroom materials, to cut letters and shapes for bulletin boards, to make and laminate posters, to make labels, and to bind student booklets. The office also houses a large collection of resource books and materials appealing to a wide variety of disciplines and levels. 

The STSCN is governed by a Policy Board consisting of elected representatives from the teacher bargaining units of each member district as well as representatives from administration, business, the community and parent groups. The Policy Board meets regularly to assess the needs of its clients and to plan programs intended to meet these requests. New State initiatives continually challenge the Board to develop innovative in-service problems that will enhance the delivery of education to the children in our component schools.

The Southern Tier School/Community Network encourages input and welcomes
comments, suggestions, criticism and participation!  Feel free to contact us with your concerns!

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